David Brown

Ph.D. Student


Simulation and Control of Falling Behaviors

Slanted Roll


Even the most robust character or robot is bound to fail under some extreme circumstances. We would like to have some fall management mechanism to deal with such situations. In this work we develop a basic falling controller for a humanoid character. The controller used a low level quadratic programming based torque controller which allows us to specify simple goals such as a target center of mass velocity or target orientation. We developed several fall damage measures such as impact force, location of impacts, and final fall location. We use these error measures to optimize the parameters of our basic falling controller ensuring we can control falls to cause the minimum amount of damage.


Slanted Roll


Forwards Fall

Backwards Fall

Ukemi-like strategy with no arms

Fall without our reflex phase

Related Publication

Simulation and Control of Humanoid Rolling and Falling Behaviors
David F. Brown, Master's Thesis, 2012